Multi-Channel Communications

Customers today increasingly expect options to contact your company beyond the traditional toll-free number many contact centers are built around. We think the best way to meet those expectations is to add more communication options to your existing contact center product, not to add new products to your infrastructure.

The Clarity Connect Web Gateway extends the reach of your customer care options to include click-to-chat experiences on any device through our highly configurable web chat functionality. We do this by routing web-based chat sessions through your Skype for Business infrastructure to the same intelligent routing engine that handles voice calls. Your agents will receive those chat sessions in the Skype for Business client just as they do for voice calls. The Clarity Connect Agent Console will also be delivered with the request.

All contact center functionality, from transfers to chat transcripts are available. Pre-built templates for commonly typed phrases can be added to speed up agent interaction and simplify day to day activities. This allows you to control the consistency of messaging for common statements or questions. Chats can route through a web attendant simple interaction or can route through Clarity Connect QuickIVR for a more detailed interaction that can include database lookups and integration components for more intelligent routing decisions.

Web chat is just the beginning. People are increasingly relying on a wide variety of communication channels to stay in touch with friends and family. We are committed to extending Clarity Connect’s reach to even more of these channels—Web Gateway is how we will do that.