The Best Cloud Contact Center for Office 365 and Skype for Business

Clarity Connect provides a superior cloud contact solution that is developed exclusively for Skype for Business and works seamlessly with O365. 

Clarity Connect is native to Skype for Business, so it extends the functionality of Skype for Business rather than replacing or replicating it. This approach allows us to take full advantage of the unified communications and collaboration features of O365 and Skype for Business.  Being native also means that Clarity Connect retains Skype for Business’ excellent voice quality and reliability.

Everything we do—R&D, product development, professional services, support, and training—is one hundred percent focused on making our customers’ experience with Clarity Connect, O365 and Skype for Business the best possible.

Simply. Better.

Learn more about native Skype for Business products by downloading the white paper here.

Native Vs. Non-Native

By Michael Greenlee, Lead UC Architect and Lync MVP – Clarity Consulting

This white paper outlines the differences between native and non-native products for Skype for Business, focusing on the contact center as the primary example.