Welcome to Office 365, Your Way

Clarity Connect’s flexible cloud deployment model opens more options for your contact center: you can deploy a contact center for O365, or for a cloud-hosted or on-premises installation of Skype for Business. This also lets you keep your options for cloud deployment open: for example, if you’re on Skype for Business now and want to move to O365 later, Clarity Connect can seamlessly migrate with you.

Moving to the cloud enables clients to eliminate costly PBX infrastructure and simplify maintenance needs.  And now it’s easier than ever to make the switch, since there are no upfront technology investments needed. Moving your contact center to the cloud also enables you to make marked improvements in scalability, employee mobility, and disaster recovery.  And because Clarity Connect was developed exclusively for, and is native to, Skype for Business, clients also have seamless access to all of Skype for Business unified communications and collaboration functionality. 

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